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At this time, Dr. Josie Payoute is open to waive fees (Travel expenses may still be included) for event that benefits children living in adverse communities. Josie's main focus is to help our youth gain basic life skills, find acceptance in oneself, remain resilient and develop the right mindset to pursue their passion and purpose for the life that they dream of.


National Prices (Not including Alaska and Hawaii)

 Prices Vary depending on request

International Prices (Outside the U.S.A., including Alaska and Hawaii)

  • Price Vary due to but not limited to travel expense

AV Requirements

  • Projector

  • Microphone

  • Computer or USB Access

  • Clicker

Photo / Video Permission

Josie may request permission to leverage a photographer or videographer for her event. This may be based on size/scale of your event.

We will advise if photographer or videographer will be onsite for your event.

Please complete and we will respond as soon as possible!

Thank you! Someone will be in contact with you ASAP

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