Dr. Josie Payoute 

Curator, Visionary, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, 

Host & CEO of New Jersey Kids Fashion Week

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Annual Ladies Building Legacies Empowerment Conference

Newark, NJ | 07.18.2020

Total Life Changes


I think all of us are in transition, some are perhaps more obvious than others. There are the big physical ones like changing jobs or moving across country. Then there are the more subtle and reflective transistions, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward in how you will hold yourself accountable. Initially, I didn’t think I needed a coach; however, Josie Payoute helped me to understand balance and to not take myself so seriously. Under Josie’s guidance, I was able to take a closer look at how I present to the world. I understand now that being present in the moment can set you up for some of the greatest rewards. I am grateful to have Josie as my coach for life. 

Kind Regards, 


Coree' Rivers